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DECEMBER 17, 2012

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally Through a Raw, Vegan Diet

By Anne Forkan and Kristen Overlock

What if you could eat your way to heart health? What is a good heart healthy diet includes plenty of foods from a plant based diet: fresh fruits, vegetables, and other wholesome choices. There's plenty of scientific data that suggests such a diet not only helps people control high blood pressure but also helps them to lose weight. And with weight loss, blood pressure frequently falls back into the normal range too. What is it about such a diet that helps control blood pressure? The key is in the chemistry of a plant-based diet

The Sodium and Potassium Link to High Blood Pressure

According to the American Heart Association website, "Potassium blunts the effects of sodium." That's good news for the millions of people trying to eat a heart healthy diet. Sodium or salt is found in many foods, and we do need some sodium for health - but not nearly as much as the average person eats on a given day. It's not just the salt you shake onto your French fries that counts, either. Foods such as canned soup, canned vegetables, ketchup and other condiments, salad dressing, frozen meals and restaurant meals are loaded with salt.

One of the first things doctors recommend to people diagnosed with high blood pressure (readings over 140/90) is to reduce their salt intake. Why? Salt and potassium are part of the intricate chemical system that regulates how much fluid is in the body. You've probably noticed that when you eat very salty foods, you retain water temporarily. When you retain fluids, it puts extra pressure on your cardiovascular system and can raise blood pressure. Over time, the imbalance may cause a constant rise in blood pressure or high blood pressure. Potassium, on the other hand, blunts the effects of salt in the body and helps the body more efficiently regulate blood pressure.

It may be tempting to visit the health food store and stock up on potassium pills, but that could actually be dangerous. Too much potassium can be very harmful and potassium supplements should only be taken under a doctor's advice. Instead of popping vitamins, a much better way to both lower your salt intake and increase your intake of potassium as well as many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is to eat a plant-based diet.

Why Eat a Raw, Vegan Diet?

One of the largest studies every conducted on dietary patterns and health, The China Study, is also the subject of a bestselling book by T. Colin Campbell, PhD. Dr. Campbell's research and analysis of other scientists' research indicates that in all cases, a diet rich in plants seems to prevent heart diseases, improve heart health, reduce blood pressure and prevent many other chronic diseases. Other doctors such as Dr. Pritikin and Dr. Dean Ornish concur.

For those who want to experience optimal health, a raw, vegan diet is ideal. A raw vegan diet is based on eating an abundance of green vegetables, fruits, and other raw, uncooked vegetables. It's naturally abundant in potassium and other heart-healthy substances while low in things you want to avoid in a heart healthy diet, such as fats and sodium.

How to Start Eating for Heart Health

The best way to start eating a heart healthy diet is to focus on consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables while minimizing processed foods. Make slow, gradual changes, such as changing a breakfast heavy on bacon and eggs over one heavy on fresh fruit. Enjoy the changes, follow your doctor's advice, and eat more plant-based foods for heart health.

Anna Forkan and Kristen Overlock lead Revitalive Health and Wellness, LLC, a place where they empower people to heal themselves through raw and living foods education, complementary therapies and community events. They strive to meet each client's individual needs to ensure lasting lifestyle change and success. The wellness programs at Revitalive Health and Wellness are designed to cleanse, restore, balance, and maintain health and vitality. We provide you with a roadmap to wellness, which becomes a lifestyle. We tailor programs to meet your specific, individual needs. We do not embrace a "one size fits all" philosophy. We give you the information and tools to succeed, and offer ongoing support for lasting success. For more information, resources, or to make an appointment, please visit http://www.revitalive.com/. Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Anna_Forkan




The information given here is for educational purposes only. It is meant to be used as a guide towards health and does not replace the evaluation by and advice of a qualified licensed health care professional. For detailed interpretation of your health and specific conditions, consult with your physician.

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