Conquering Candida By Barbara O’Neill 

Conquering Candida and other fungus/yeast related problems 

Starve the fungus 

The favourite food of fungus is sugar and yeast. In order to starve the fungus, these must be completely eliminated from the diet. 

  • All sugars must be removed from the diet, all sweeteners, fruits and fruit juices.
  • Granny Smith apples and grapefruit can be included as these have a lower sugar content and contain antifungal properties. The grapefruit seed contains phytochemicals that are potent fungus killers. 
  • All yeast must be removed from the diet. Yeasted bread (this does not include sourdough bread, which contains Lacto Bacillus bacteria) all alcoholic beverages, yeast spreads (Marmite, Vegemite and Promite) and Soy sauce. 
  • All cooked food over two days old. Any food that has a trace of mould on it must be discarded. All rice is particularly susceptible to fungal growth and must be eaten freshly cooked.
  • Corn grain and wheat grain are extremely vulnerable to fungal growth when they are stored. These grains are best eliminated whilst overcoming a fungal problem in the body. 
  • Peanuts are notorious for fungal infestation and must be eliminated. 
  • Meat; animals are commonly fed moldy grains and this fungus is in the meat. Aged cheeses and most dairy products commonly show fungal infestation when tested. 
  • Check that there are no damp and dark areas in your house where mould can flourish. Mulch situated close to house can also be a source of mould. 



Kill the Fungus 

Use the following herbs and foods to Kill Candida 

  • Garlic has powerful antifungal properties. When taking garlic to treat Candida, you may experience an adverse, albeit healthy, reaction. This is what is generally referred to as the ‘Herxheimer’ or ‘Die-off’ effect. While living in the body, most of the offending microbes somehow manage to evade the body’s immune system. However, when exposed to powerful eradicators, large numbers of pathological microbes will die. Soon after, their cell-wall proteins (which are essentially toxins), are absorbed through the weakened mucous membrane. The body then begins its natural processes to get rid of these toxins; however, toxins exist in numbers too large for the eliminative system to handle, you may experience exhaustion and flu-like symptoms. The severity will depend on the extent of your condition, the state of your immune and eliminatory systems, and how much garlic you have consumed. Bring your dose of garlic back to a manageable amount. Garlic in both raw or a supplement form is effect. 
  • Olive Leaf Extract, rich in Oleuropein, very anti-fungal 
  • South American herb Pau D’Arco 
  • New Zealand herb Horopito in the form of Kolorex Capsules 
  • Coconut in all forms is rich in Lauric Acid, highly anti-fungal. 
  • Grape fruit seed extract – alkalizing and also antifungal 
  • All legumes, particularly soy contain antifungal properties 
  • All raw nuts and seeds contain antifungal properties ( except peanuts and pistachio nuts, which are particularly susceptible to fungal growth) 


Restore the Balance 

Candida Albicans is a yeast that normally exists in the intestines of humans and children. Lacto Bacillus, often called the friendly bacteria, is one type of bacterial agent that helps keep Candida Albicans under control. Drugs, antibiotics, alcohol, refined sugar, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle weakens the body and allows Candida to multiply out of balance. Part of bringing the correct balance back is to encourage the growth of Lacto Bacillus. Cultured foods contain Lacto Bacillus – sourdough bread, sauerkraut, Miso, tofu, tempeh and yoghurt. A pro-biotic supplement, obtained from health food shops, is a must to speed up repopulating the body with good bacteria. 

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