Lifestyle and Nutrition Counseling

At Life, Health & Foods Ministries, we strive to make lifestyle education and nutrition counseling as enjoyable and helpful as possible. We take the time to listen closely and to understand where you are right now in terms of your lifestyle and diet, and work with you to help achieve your goals. Our sessions are conducted by a trained Medical Missionary and Nutrition Consultant, qualified to create individual action plans to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Who can benefit from a consultation with a Lifestyle Educator?

Lots of people can benefit from working with a Lifestyle Educator, for many different reasons–whether you need a complete diet overhaul, are looking to manage a medical condition with diet and lifestyle changes, want to fine-tune your food choices, learning about herbal and other natural remedies, or get inspiration for new, healthy recipes. It’s best to book a nutrition and lifestyle consultation, after a check-up with your primary care provider. That can help inform whether you have any specific conditions that can be addressed with nutrition and lifestyle changes; such as elevated blood sugar or cholesterol, or blood pressure issues, depression, cancer, weight loss, various skin diseases, etc.


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