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If you would like to support a specific area of Life, Health & Foods Ministries’ work you can choose an outreach project that best fits your particular interest. All our projects are important, but find one or two that you are really passionate about and then partner with us, for the glory and honour of God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. When you partner with Life, Health & Foods Ministries, you can be sure that we will zealously, compassionately and powerfully go into the world with God’s message of grace, using the health message as a key to open the door to the hearts of the people. We will be taking the everlasting gospel to a world in gross darkness, leading people by faith to Jesus Christ – with a focus of making healthy saints! Thank you for your support.

1. Life, Health & Foods Ministries website creation, setup, host and monthly . Our website has been designed as an educational tool to reach many with the gospel and the health message from our Lord Jesus. It is a very effective communication method to let you know what we are doing and to share helpful articles, books, recipes and video teachings and sermons also. Help us to cover the cost to set it up and to maintain it on a monthly basis.




2. Literature evangelism – You can help Life, Health & Foods Ministries with distribution of Bibles, health books, magazines, Spirit of Prophecy books, spiritual flyers and pamphlets , by giving us a monthly or weekly donation towards the purchase of these very vital resources to share with many who are not yet in the family of God



3. Home visits to terminally ill cancer patients – Everyday many of our brothers and sisters are going to their graves never having a chance to choose Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. 'Terminally ill' means a person who is sick and is diagnosed with a disease that will take their life prematurely. This person is usually told by doctors that they only have several months or a few years to live. Many of these persons are very poor and cannot afford to seek the help of naturopathic care. We would like to visit with them, share the Bible and pray for them. “Many transgress the laws of health through ignorance, and they need instruction” With your gift we can cover transportation cost, healthy food packages, books and any other essentials, to go on visits with these individuals and do one-on-one health consultations with them, helping them to discover God’s health plan through the eight laws of health – NEW START (Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in God). We want to do 4 terminally ill cancer home visits per month starting January 2015 at an estimated cost of JAD$5,000/US$44 per visit



4. Community Outreach for the youth – If you could reach more than 10,000 youth for Jesus in 2015, would you step out in faith to do it? We want to use the health message as the ‘entering wedge’ to get to our young people before they create these poor eating habits and life style choices that leads to cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, chronic skin problems, bowel disease, psoriasis, obesity and so much more…while introducing them to Jesus Christ the Great Physician, Lord and Saviour of Mankind. With your support we can visit schools and communities with literature, bibles, health seminars and on-the-ground outreach at a time when our young people are being particularly targeted by the devil through the destruction of their health.



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